Columbia County marriage licenses through Friday, February 24, 2012

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Marriage licenses issued in Columbia County in February 2012. The date is the day the license was issue. Most recent licenses are listed first.

Robbie C. McCallie, 31, of Magnolia, and Shannon Lee Oglesby, 27, of Magnolia, Feb. 24.

Dexter Tyrone Davis, 31, of Magnolia, and Shanece Chana Washington, 22, of Waldo, Feb. 24.

Ronnie Earl Stockwell Jr., 32, of Haynesville, La., and Krystal Nicole Hardaway, 23, of Haynesville, Feb. 22.

Lonnie Thurman Teague Jr., 34, of Buckner, and Marcia Lynn Brigham, 31, of Waldo, Feb. 17.

Joshua Nathan Pennington, 27, of Magnolia, and Heather Michelle Pennington, 25, of Magnolia, Feb. 16.

Keon Montreal Henry, 27, of Magnolia, and Latoya Morgan Turner, 24, of Magnolia, Feb. 16.

Paul H. Lewis, 39, of Magnolia, and Eanda Shunta Cooper, 40, of Magnolia, Feb. 15

Floyd Dandre Rowden, 28, of Waldo, and LaQuanda Denise Cornelious, 25, of Waldo, Feb. 14.

Johnny Ray Murria Jr., 43, of Magnolia, and Nakeitha Latoria Alexander, 35, of Magnolia, Feb. 14.

Cortez Sharod McBride, 20, of Chidester and Robin Arriel Curry, 21, of Magnolia, Feb. 14.

Donald W. Greer, 61, of El Dorado and Linda C. Foster, 64, of El Dorado, Feb. 14.

Romantray Lemar Curry, 28, of Magnolia, and Dominique Devereaux Robinson, 26, of Magnolia, Feb. 14.

Charles Williams Jr., 32, of Little Rock, and Jamnetha M. Williamson, 38, of Magnolia, Feb. 10.

Bill Burch Rowe, 31, of Emerson, and Marla Brown, 41, of Emerson, Feb. 10.

Donnie Lovett, 28, of McNeil and Katrina Flowers, 32, of McNeil, Feb. 10.

John Oliver Alford, 64, of Lewisville and Essie Dean Tucker, 52, of Lewisville, Feb. 10.

Charlie Ray Williams Jr., 26, of Magnolia, and Sahrria Ronshea Lewis, 32, of Magnolia, Feb. 9.

Derrick Perez Scott, 44, of Magnolia, and Robin Ellis Williams, 42, of Magnolia, Feb. 7.

Carl William Hanson, 68, of Stamps, and Freeda Sellman Jameson, 65, of Stamps, Feb. 7.

Joshua Aaron Brown, 25, of Taylor, and Latashu Lanee Peek, 26, of Taylor, Feb. 7.

Christopher Scott Marlar, 33, of Rosston, and Terrah G. Brown, 33, of Rosston, Feb. 6.

Richard Wayne Carson, 47, of El Dorado, M. Jane Taylor Legg, 50, of El Dorado, Feb. 3.

Cedric Lamont Sears, 37, of Magnolia, and Kesha Nicole Frazier, 28, of Magnolia, Feb. 1.

Michael D. McDonald, 32, of Taylor, and Melissa Wallace Covington, 27, of Taylor, Feb. 1.


Marriage licenses issued in Columbia County in January 2012. The date is the day the license was issue. Most recent licenses are listed first.

Derek D. Johnson, 21, of Magnolia, and Lasonia Ruth Murphy, 25, of Magnolia, Jan. 27.

Joshua Nathaniel Willeford, 35, of El Dorado and Hillary Thomason Carter, 29, of Magnolia, Jan. 24.

Larry D. Porchia, 28, of Stephens and Teressa Adair, 36, of Stephens, Jan. 23.

Paul Matthew Smoke Murphy, 25, of Magnolia and Shimika Rena Price, 28, of Magnolia, Jan. 23.

Rickey Lee Daniels, 42, of Magnolia, and Kizzy Lashon Leslie, 33, of Magnolia, Jan. 23.

Daniel Lee Brown, 36, of Emerson and Lorena Enciso Sangama, 25, of Emerson, January 13.

William Martin Dodson, 45, of Taylor and Joana Sue Jones, 31, of Magnolia, January 12.

Ben A. White, 51, of Shongaloo, La., and Glenda Fay Graves, 52, of Shongaloo, La., January 11.

Russell Lee Cato, 28, of Sarepta, La., and Connie Jean Andrus, 27, of Sarepta, January 10.

Donald Ray Barge, 36, of Waldo, and Shirley Jean Venard, 42 of Haynesville, La., January 10.

Tommy Ray Jackson, 57, of Waldo and Katherine Dee Pipkin, 50, of Stephens, January 9.

Nicholas Eugene Green, 40, of Magnolia, and Sheila Romano Ellis, 30, of Magnolia, January 6.

James Allen McDaniel, 29, of Magnolia, and Emily Anne Murphy, 22, of Magnolia, January 5.

Sidney D. Hampton, 38, of Magnolia, and Shikita D. Gilbert, 34, of Magnolia, January 3.


Marriage licenses issued in Columbia County in December 2011. The date is the day the license was issue. Most recent licenses are listed first.

Deandre Rashad Todd, 21, of Magnolia, and Shakedria Jenyce Parker, 19, of Magnolia, December 30.

Charles Albert Haynes, 28, of Magnolia and Brandy Lucille Wilson, 20, of Magnolia, December 30.

David Adam Wallace, 33, of Sarepta, La., and Tiffanie Dawn Bass, 37, of Sarepta, December 29.

Murrell Renfro, 66, of Gilmer, Texas and Catherine Bowman Walton, 61, of Gilmer, December 29.

Quentin Lamar Jackson, 31, of Killeen, Texas, and Chiquita Latonia Cooper, 25, of Waldo, Dec. 25.

James Tristan Ray Hudson, 23, of Magnolia, and Brittany Erin Thorn, 21, of Magnolia, Dec. 22.

Antonio Martez Spencer, 25, of Waldo, and Demitrus Raquel Robinson, 33, of Waldo, Dec. 20.

Malcomb David Lewis, 42, of Magnolia and Sebrena Ann Gill, 34, of Waldo, December 20.

Porter Ratliff, 79, of Springhill, La., and Leore L. Bissell, 87, of Springhill, December 19.

Haine Ying, 27, of Magnolia, and Jingsi Hu, 23, of Magnolia, Dec. 15.

Jason William Hearne, 22, of Calhoun, La., and Jacklyn Danielle Cummings, 20, of West Monroe, La., Dec. 15.

Jamie Chad Brandon, 40, of Magnolia, and Lydia Iris Rees, 35, of Magnolia, Dec. 15.

Daniel Dewayne Carter Jr., 26, of Magnolia, and Kristen Hayley McKinney, 19, of Magnolia, Dec. 2.