Columbia County marriage licenses through Friday, June 1, 2012

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Marriage licenses issued in Columbia County in June 2012. The date is the day the license was issued. Most recent licenses are listed first.

Eric Leroy Walker, 38, of Sibley, Louisiana and Sonya Marie Hart, 33, of Minden, Louisiana, June 1.

Jeffrey Eric Kramer, 48, of Hideaway, Texas, and Alicia Ellen Robbins, 47, of Garden Valley, Texas, June 1.


Marriage licenses issued in Columbia County in May 2012. The date is the day the license was issued. Most recent licenses are listed first.


Matthew Paul Ramos, 28, of Magnolia and Stephanie E. Brown, 31, of Magnolia, May 31.

Uche Patrick Nwali, 29, of Magnolia and Linda Masamba, 27, of Magnolia, May 29.

Michael Edward McWilliams, 50, of Emerson and Emily Michelle Brown, 37, of Magnolia, May 29.

David Shane Berryman, 32, of McFarland, California and Crystal Desiree McCullough, 29, of McFarland, California, May 29.

Cory Ray Phillips, 21, of Magnolia, and Jessica Ann Barnett, 19, of Magnolia, May 25.

Billy T. Thornton, 64, of Magnolia, and Brenda Thornton, 56, of Magnolia, May 24.

William Tatum III, 26, of Pine Bluff, and Alyse Nicole Rabun, 26, of Pine Bluff, May 24.

Thomas Duane Bradley, 23, of Emerson and Lacy James Ludlam, 18, of Haynesville, May 22.

Matthew Lain Watson, 25, of Minden, La., and Malory Chistin Williams, 24, of Minden, La., May 22.

Toby M. Hux, 34, of Magnolia, and Leslie Alice Story, 40, of Magnolia, May 22.

Ivan Odea Speakman, 46, of Magnolia and Kimberly Gay Gatlin, 44, of Magnolia, May 18.

Barry Ray Wallace, 60, of Magnolia and Rosanne Mack, 57, of Nashville, May 18.

Jimmy Wayne Humphries, 43, of Pollock, La., and Cheryl Ann Maier, 41, of Pollock, La., May 18.

Christopher Ronald Evans, 22, of Magnolia, and Katherine JoAnn Ruark, 23, of Magnolia, May 18.

George Henry Ransford, 70, of Magnolia, and Christiana Carroll, 53, of Emerson, May 14.

Kenneth W. Barlow, 43, of Magnolia, and Brandy Melissa Sander, 36, of Magnolia, May 11.

Lawrence C. Jones, 73, of Stamps, and Vanessa Diane Moore, 27, of Stamps, May 10.

Donald Wray Hughes, 21, of Magnolia, and Courtney Michelle Riddick, 19, of Magnolia, May 10.

Kentray Laray Christopher, 26, of Magnolia, and Shauntia Shavonne Shaw, 26, of Magnolia, May 10.

Richard Earl Watson, 67, of Buckner and Loyce Lee Wise, 53, of Waldo, May 9.

Steven Patrick Moore, 35, of Waldo and Amy Lynn Hendricks, 37, of Waldo, May 9.

Michael Samuel Harwell, 22, of Magnolia, and Kaylee Ann Jones, 21, of Magnolia, May 9.

Roger Earl Woods, 39, of Taylor, and Mary Jo Taylor, 30, of Taylor, May 8.

Max Christopher Story, 42, of Magnolia, and Hannah Marie Sabo, 25, of Waldo, May 7.

Patrick Junior Morrison, 26, of McNeil and Amber Lynn James, 35, of McNeil, May 7.

Chance Orell Oneal, 24, of Magnolia, and Kayla-Brittany Dodson, 22, of Magnolia, May 4.

Undra Demond Martin, 37, of Magnolia, and Temeka R. Jones, 31, of Sherwood, May 3.

Joshua Alan Jones, 24, of Magnolia, and Kelsi Nicole Hunter, 21, of Magnolia, May 1.